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Shenzhen Jiahaihui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Electronic Components Division was established in 2010, headquartered in Shenzhen, with offices in Hong Kong; Jiahaihui with its good credit, reliable quality, competitive Price, fast logistics and flexible financial support have earned a good reputation in the industry.

The company is a general taxpayer and can issue a 17% VAT invoice. According to customer needs, the first-hand source can be delivered to the customer in the shortest time. Everything to meet customer needs is in advance, providing one-stop component procurement.

Products cover security, communications, medical, automotive electronics, smart home, power, power, aerospace, control systems, lighting, instrumentation, consumer digital products and other fields.

At present, the agent products are: RT-POGO PIN, APTCHIP-touch semiconductor, INPOFI-DC semiconductor.

The company is constantly optimizing its enterprise platform and planning the future product market. Currently, it is applying for the qualification of multiple lines.

Based on the above product coverage, we have a series of products to purchase and distribute semiconductors.

Jiahaihui company looks forward to working with you.


1212, Huiyi Fortune Center, No. 9 Zhongxin Road, Gaofeng Office, Dalang Office, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China
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